Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Education in Korea

I don't have class for an hour. My students had swimming lesson today so they told me yesterday that it's possible that they couldn't come. Even when they said that, I still came early just in case that even one of them could come but nobody came. Ahhh, I hope everyday is like this. I hope my second period class can't come either. If that so, then I will be very happy. At least I can enjoy my day using computer.

Oopsss...some parents called. They asked if their children came. Some of them didn't know about the festival that their kids are having in school. Do you think the parents don't care about their kids in school or kids don't tell anything about their schooling to their parents. Then, whose fault is it? I think it's nobody's fault. I can't blame parents for that because they are busy to make money to send their kids to schools and institutes. Education in Korea is not easy. Kids have to go to different kinds of institutes. Some of them go to more than 5 institutes a day except school. I don't know if they learn all of them because they are usually tired and sometimes not interested in learning. Kids here can't enjoy thier childhood life.

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