Tuesday, July 27, 2010

A Bride's Dream

My wedding anniversary is coming. I can't forget the time when me and my very special man went to the wedding hall to get married. The time when we were bound together and promised to live forever for better or for worst. It's hard to explain how I felt at that time. I was so happy, excited and nervous. Until now, I still feel the same thing whenever I look at our wedding pictures and watch our wedding video.

But not everything went well. I was disappointed with our wedding car because now a days, the newly wedding couples usually rent limousine like this Chicago Wedding Limousine. You know, I'm really jealous when I see newly-wed couples taking limousine after their special day. If I can just go back in time, I would really rent a limousine. No matter how much it cost me.

Getting married to your special man is just once in a lifetime so make your wedding day a very special to both of you. Plan and do everything that you desire. If you go to another country for a honeymoon, make sure to rent the Chicago Airport Limousine for a perfect mood on your way to your honeymoon. Isn't it romantic? Have you ever dreamt of taking a limousine after your wedding? Isn't it every bride's dream?

I've never taken a limousine so I'm very much interested in this comfortable and reliable Chicago Limousine Service. You're so lucky if you're living in Chicago because you have lots of chance to take their limousines. Then, I think I have to include Chicago in the list that I want to visit.

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