Thursday, July 1, 2010

Park Young Ha Committed Suicide

Park Young Ha committed suicide on June 30th in the morning. His mom saw him hanging in his room using the cellphone cable wire. It was a shocking news not only to his family, friends, co-entertainers, and fans but also to the whole country (Korea) even in Japan where he is also famous.

There are many questions why the famous and Hallyu star Park Young Ha commited suicide. It's hard to believe that someone like him can do such things like that. But some say that he has been depressed and had been relying on sleeping pills for a long time. He had difficult times because of his father who is in a terminal stage of stomach cancer. Another reason was his failure in business. He established his own company whose president was his father and it wasn't an easy task for them. They had various loans causing the agency a huge loss. Also, Park Yong Ha’s father was left with a huge debt after mistakenly co-signing someone else’s loan.

He didn't leave any suicidal noter for the family but before he commited suicide, he gave massage to his father and told him many times that he felt so sorry for him. He also left a message on his twitter saying , "I don't know myself, neither."

Park Young Ha is famous for his drama Winter Sonata with Baeg Young Jun and Chui Ji Woo.

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