Saturday, July 24, 2010

Superstar K Season 2

If there's an American Idol in the US, there's a Superstar K here in Korea. Last night at 11p.m. at Mnet started the season 2 called Superstar K 2. If the winner Seo In Guk won 100,000,000 korean won (around $85,000) last year, this year it doubled the price plus a brand new car. And of course plus signing a contract to become a singer like Seo In Guk. By the way, some of the participants of the season 1 who were on top became singers, too even if they didn't win the price, they got a big opportunity.

Whose the lucky person this year? Well, over million of people went for audition. The judges went to different cities in Korea and they even went to L.A. It's really fun to see the audition and I can't wait to see the winner. I've got another schedule to watch. Join me every Friday at 11p.m., channel 56 (Mnet). Too bad because you can only see it on cable TV, if you don't a cable, then you'll miss this very wonderful program on TV.

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