Thursday, June 10, 2010

Travel Around the World

My hubby and I have the same dream. It is to travel around the world. I know it's impossible to visit the whole world but at least to visit some of the famous places in some countries. We've been to many countries and visited some famous attractions and we are planning to visit more countries by the end of this year. My hubby asked me about the countries that I want to visit. I suggested some and he told me about his opinion. He also told me the countries that he would like to visit and I didn't disagree with him because those are also included in my list.

We already bought the things that we need like sneakers and backpacks. We are now ready to leave. If we could just leave our business, then we already flew. Some of my friends who live or immigrate to another countries are inviting me in their towns. I was glad that there are people like them. I'm so grateful and I've mentioned about that to my hubby. He's also glad but he said it's not easy to stay in their houses because everyone will feel uncomfortable. So instead of living with them, I think it's better to stay in the hotel like San Francisco hotels if we happened to visit America.

Accommodation is what you have to spend the most because it's too expensive to stay in the hotels. But Barcelona hotels are different. They are cheap and comfortable. I'm sure we can save much with our expenses because of the cheap and nice hotels where we can stay. So, I think it's not impossible to visit Dubai, too and stay in one of the Dubai hotels. I also have many friends living and working there that I haven't met for a long time. I really miss them and I hope to see them soon.

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