Sunday, June 27, 2010

My Dream Vacation

Students are so excited on their coming summer vacation. Some of them say that they are traveling to another country. One said that she's going to Japan with her family, others said that they are going to China, America and Europe. I'm jealous but I have to keep it because I can't go anywhere on this vacation because I'm planning to travel to some countries a few months later. Hubby and I have been planning for this trip since last month. Actually, we already bought some things that we need for our trip. We don't know where to go yet but I always want a vacation at Royal Caribbean. I'm sure I will have a wonderful time at the cruise with lots of great adventure and innovation.

We always miss the days that we traveled to some countries so we always want to experience that again. The time that we went out and saw famous places, ate when we were hungry and took a rest and slept when we felt tired. We really had a great time but there's no better vacation than staying in one of the Princess Cruises where you can do everything in the middle of the ocean.

Imagine yourself surfing in the middle of the ocean, float above the ocean, and climb the rock wall. You can even do your favorites like swim at the swimming pool, eat at the creative and delicious restaurants, go to the night clubs, casinos and a lot more. For me, it's the perfect vacation ever! Don't you think so?

And how about sailing to the four corners of the World with the luxurious, regal style, magnificent and famous for transatlantic tours, the Cunard Cruises? Isn't it fantastic?

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