Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Safety First

I told my hubby that I want to learn taekwondo. But he said I'm a shy type person and act so girly so it's impossible for me to learn taekwondo. I know that I can't do it but I just want to make sure that I'm always safe wherever I go. I just can't forget the experiences that I had at the bus stops. First, when I was waiting for the bus and three men pushed me and took my wallet. Another thing happened when I was on my way home waiting for the bus and some touched and squeezed my butts. I want to get revenge but I'm just a lady who can't do anything on those kind of situations. I'm not strong enough to do something to relieve me.

But now, although I'm weak, there are things that I can do to protect myself. I'm not stupid to let them do bad things. So I need pepper spray, one of the best inventions because we can avoid the crime. Also, stun guns are great to use for our protections.

Well, let's not only think about crime. Just about safetiness so wear womens work clothing for everyday protection.

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