Thursday, June 10, 2010

Korean Men are Sky, Women are Ground

You can't believe it but my hubby cooked this morning. I woke up earlier than before and he said I could sleep more. But I couldn't sleep anymore because of the noise that I heard in the kitchen. I got up and saw him cooking. He said he would cook for our lunch. Yes, that was because we always get up late in the morning. We get up before noon. I just let him. He was cooking while I was watching TV. Of course that wasn't good but it was his pleasure. And I saw that he was in the mood for cooking.

There's a saying in Korea that Men are Sky and Women are Ground. And also Men are the King in the house. They are always the leader in the house. Parents don't let their sons to see doing household chores. Of course I can't let my hubby doing any household chores specially doing things in the kitchen if we are living with my parents in law. But we have our own apartment so we can do everything we want. If my hubby wants to cook or do the household chores, then I just let him. It's my pleasure. Anyway, I didn't command him to do housework, so I guess it was also his pleasure to do it. What do you think?

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joxylil said...

Congratulations! A happy marriage like yours is a special gift more so, that as you mentioned Korean men are sky and women are ground