Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Election in Korea

It's not red in the calendar but it's a holiday because it's Election Day. My hubby and I have just come home. We went out to vote. We went to school and then we found out that there's one voting area in the park of my apartment. Maybe, that's why I saw a police car going here and there when we left.

Voting in Korea is so easy. First you give your korean card and they will give you your number if you don't know it. Then proceed to the next table and tell your number. They will find your name and just sign up and they will give you four pieces of paper. They are the paper use for voting. Go into the booth and there's a stamp inside. Just put the stamp on the person that you want to vote and insert to the box. Then proceed to the next table and they will give you another four pieces of paper. Another paper where the numbers or name of the Parties are listed. Just choose the number or Parties, put stamp again and insert in the box. That's it! It doesn't matter if you can't read. The candidates have their numbers. Just remember their numbers and put stamp on it.

Btw, after casting our vote, we had lunch at Outback. Yeap! There's also Outback in Korea. Yummy!

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