Saturday, June 5, 2010

Korean Weather

Last weekend, we went for a walk. It's great to take a walk when there are flowers everywhere. It was evening so there weren't many people. I told hubby that I wanted to pick some flowers. He was against before but this time he allowed me so I picked some and brought home. I put them in a glass and put vitamin C. I heard that flowers won't wither easily if you put some medicine in the water. I think so because I always do that whenever I put some flowers in a flower vase and the flowers don't wither easily. It's almost a week and they still look fresh.

It was just last week when I picked those flowers. It was just spring and now the weather is too hot. Today, the temperature reached 28 degrees centigrade and in some part of the country, it was over 30 degrees. At least we experienced spring even in just a very short time.

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