Thursday, June 24, 2010

The Best Driver

When we go on a trip or even when we just visit my in laws who live far away from us, my hubby always brings our car to the shop to check if everything is alright. He just wants to make sure of our safetiness before we hit the road for a long drive. They check everything from tires to engine. Last time, the mechanic changed the aircon, he said the air that comes out from the aircon is not good for our health.

I don't know how to drive so I don't know anything about vehicles. I didn't know that there's something like air intakes for cars which help the hot dirty air into cool clean breeze to the engines. Wow, this is cool! I know that my hubby is a good driver because he's very careful when he drives and I'm sure he will be the best driver after choosing the perfect air intakes and air filters for his car. I think it's time to let him know about it.

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