Thursday, June 24, 2010

Korea Team for the Round of 16

Go Go Korea Team for the round of 16. Korea defeated Nigeria last night. The game was 3:30 a.m. and people of Korea cheered for the team. The score was 2-2 but Korea won because of their position. One win, one lose and one tie so they won even when they have the same score. We waited for the game to start. My hubby invited me to go out and take a walk so we can't sleep. While walking we saw the building that there weren't many lights on but when the clock struck 3, the lights on the other building started to turn on. There were many people woke up to see the match.

Nigeria Team made the first goal so we were worried, sleepy, and hopeless but then Korea team made a goal so we weren't sleepy anymore. It was a breath-taking game so couldn't realize that it was already morning when it finished. We were so happy and we go to bed and felt tired to wake up for work.

My hubby made his promise to buy pizza if Korea wins the game. He ordered two pans of pizza in the office and we celebrated the victory of Korean Team. Haja Haja Fighting! Dae han min guk!

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