Sunday, May 23, 2010

My Fashion Style

My former co-worker called. I haven't met her for a long time and we're planning to meet next weekend. When I think of her, I always remember her fashion. The way she dresses up. She's the kind of woman who loves shopping. Of course most women do but this former co-worker of mine knows the best trends in the season. So whenever we meet, I always expect that shopping will always appear in our topic. I like her specially her fashion style but what I've noticed is, she cares much about her clothes but not footwear. There are times that her shoes don't match her dress. I think she'll need my help with regards to the shoe fashion. And I'm willing to share her this Fashion Footwear. I'm sure she will love it as I do. There are lots of beautiful footwears that I like.

I'm sure my former co-worker will start to care about shoes after seeing the shoe trends of Niaomi.

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