Sunday, May 9, 2010

I Love Sydney

I love Sydney. Who doesn't dream of going or visiting these one of the most beautiful countries in the World? I've been to Sydney a few years ago and I love everything about it. The Sydney Tower, Sydney Aquarium, Queen Victoria Building, and a lot more. Of course Opera House is one of my favorites and the Botanic Garden which is just close to it. I also love the people who are always willing to help you whenever you ask for directions. They are so friendly. I always remember the time when I was there with my hubby. Although we both traveled the country, we still always talk about the happiest moment that we spent in the beautiful land called Sydney. Oh, actually we are thinking of going back there again specially now that we found some Cheap Sydney Hotels. Accommodation is what we always worry about when traveling to another country. Because it is where we have to spend much for our expenses. But not now!

Hubby and I like traveling. We've already been to some countries. And this year, we are planning to travel to some other countries again. It is true that once you started to travel, you will always love to go out and see the other part of the World. There are lots of things to enjoy. The sightseeings, the food, make new friends, etc. Besides you can also refresh your mind and can get lots of exercise. It's really wonderful! By the end of this year, India and Nepal are included in our plan to visit. That's why I'm also checking these Cheap Delhi Hotels and I can't wait to stay in one of those hotels.

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