Sunday, May 16, 2010

Drive Safely

It has been a long time since we last go out and unlike before we usually comes home at night or spend time outside until dark. Today, we are afraid to spend time outside when hubby is driving. It seems like we already had a phobia of driving in the dark since we almost had an accident. I will never forget the time when we went out to watch basketball game which is three hours away from our hometown. It was too far and the game ended at night so my hubby had to drive in the evening.

There weren't many cars at that time but when we were passing the tunnel, a big truck suddenly came and almost hit us. What I remember was the sound of the fast truck coming and the lights and its noisy honk that seems like it was giving us sign to give way. I was too afraid and just closed my eyes and I thought it was already our end. But thanks God because he helped us. My hubby went into the right way before the truck came. I was too nervous but felt relieved. I don't know why the truck moved so fast when there was a car in front of it. I guessed he couldn't see the lights of our car when it was a little bit far away from us and when he came close, it was hard from him to stop the truck.

Well, I think we need to get hid lights for our car before it will be too late. You should do too! Don't depend on what you think. Sometimes your mind deceives you. You think that everything is okay but it's not enough. You can only know that you need a brighter lights in your car if you check out the HID lights.

If you love your family, drive safely. And you know that you're safe with the HID kits because they are three times brighter than halogen with brilliant, brighter and cleaner colors.

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