Sunday, May 9, 2010

Happy Parent's Day

Like what I've said, it was Parent's Day yesterday so we visited our in laws. My sister in law and her family was there so we took a long time in my in law's house. My mother in law prepared lots of food with her friend. She cooked different kinds of duck recipe. I don't know why she chose duck this time. But it was delicious.

As usual, whenever we visit my mother in law, I always come home with lots of different kinds of side dishes and fruits. Also some spices use for cooking. My hubby always complains about it. I sometimes do because even when you said that you have that kind of thing in your house, she will still insist you to bring it. It's also hard to put all things in the refrigerator. It takes long time specially when there is no enough space. My mother in law said that it's her pleasure to give us or share with us everything that she has. She said that's a mom's heart.

It is Parent's Day in Korea but in some countries it's Mother's Day! I can say that my mother in law is one of the Best Mom and Mom in Law in the World! Happy Mother's Day!

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