Saturday, May 22, 2010

Buddha's Birthday

Every Eight Day of the Fourth Month by the Lunar Calendar, Koreans celebrate the Buddha's Birtday. This year, it was yesterday May 21st, Friday. So it was holiday yesterday. On this day, solemn rituals are held at Buddhist temples, and the day's festival is climaxed by a lantern parade. Before this day, you'll see the temples including the small ones, have many lanterns hanging on the near roads going to the temples.

I haven't seen or been to temples on this day so I don't know what people do on this day but today I invited hubby to visit the near temple located on the mountain but it was raining. On our way to the temple, we decided to visit my hubby's relative. We stayed in their house for a long time then we decided to dine out together so instead of going to the temple, we just spent time with my hubby's relatives. We couldn't visit the temple because of the rain but it was a lot of fun.

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