Friday, May 7, 2010

Celebrating Parent's Day in Korea

After the celebration for Children, now it's time to celebrate Parent's Day in Korea. Three days after Children's Day comes Parent's Day. Parent's Day is on March 8th but it is celebrated the night before that day. I didn't know that on my first few years of staying here until one time, my co-worker asked me if I already bought some flowers for my mother in law. I said not yet because I was planning to buy it the next day which was Parent's Day. But she said it is always celebrated the night before Parent's Day because most people are busy during the day so it's possible that they couldn't celebrate it on the exact day. Oh, I see! That's why I always see lots of carnations for sale at the flower shops and I see most people buying them. I thought they were buying them and give the day during the celebration. Since then, I also bought flowers in advance. The night before Parent's Day and give it to my mother in law.

But today, I didn't buy flowers for her because I couldn't visit there today. I called my mother in law and said that we are going there tomorrow. She said she would prepare lunch for us. I don't buy presents for my mother in law but I'm giving cash. In Korea, it's better to give cash than buying presents. It sounds strange to some other countries but there's nothing wrong here. Parents prefer to receive cash than gifts.

Well, it's not wrong, it's just different!

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