Monday, May 24, 2010

Life in Korea

My hubby met his former co-worker and he said that he wanted to commit suicide because his business is not working well. He said he just got loan from the bank to open a business and now that it's not working well, he wanted to end his life. My co worker also mentioned to my hubby last week that he wanted to kill himself. It's not because of business but because he thinks it's not fun to live. He said he's always bored. My hubby advice him to go out and travel and have some fun. '

I was surprised when my hubby told me about this. How come that people think of committing suicide specially when they just think that living is not fun anymore? There are lots of things to do. Make your own hobby and enjoy life. I know it's not easy for Koreans to enjoy life because they are people who always prepare for the future. They can't enjoy their present lives because they always think of their future. The future of their family specially kids. They always want to send their kids to many institutes and some of them choose the expensive ones because they know they're the right places where their kids can learn.

Parents have lots of interest for their kids but I don't think some of the kids know that. I understand when my co worker said that living is not fun because he has kids to raise and send to schools and expensive institutes.

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I love a Korean. It's one-sided but it doesn't bother me anyway he's in Korea while I'm in the Philippines. From him I learned about these things you mentioned on their high suicidal tendencies because of too much pressure working for future's best. I sincerely hope like us Filipinos, they will enjoy life's superb beauty including of course tough challenges which inspire and keep us going. "Greatness is never easy and sometimes not fun but great is the only thing worth being"

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