Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Caught in the act!

They are students who asked some money to other kids and students. They were caught by the video camera of the building. These pictures are posted at the bulletin board at the entrance of the main door of the lobby and on the elevator so I always see it everyday. Their pictures were posted with the note under telling that if you saw them, please call *---* (the number of the security guard house). Now, they are wanted for doing things illegally. Good for them! They are still young to act like that so it's better to teach them lesson earlier.

Instead of the elevator, they are using the stairs to go up and down the building. They think that the camera is just on the elevator. hehehe... And beside from the doorbell of each apartment, there's another doorbell that visitors use before they can enter the lobby so these students are brave enough to enter the building and do illegally when there are cameras all around. Sorry guys! You entered to the wrong place!


eunice said...

There are always smart alec around. Hope these boys are caught and changed to better persons.

Anonymous said...

have a nice weekend