Friday, October 31, 2008

Halloween party

Hi guys, are there any plans for this halloween? How many halloween parties will you attend? Have you already chosen your halloween costume?

I came home late today because we had to prepare for the halloween party tomorrow. We covered the windows with black paper and newspaper, decorated the office with scary stuffs and tried on the costumes that we used last year. And tomorrow I have to leave early for work because there are much things to do.

There are lots of costumes in the office and they are all scary costumes. As we tried on, everyone was scared when we looked at each other. There's also in charge of the face painting but it's too bad because i'm not good at art. I'm not good at drawing. I only good at drawing a heart and an apple but they are useless on halloween. hehe...

Let's how the party goes. I'm gonna tell you more about it after the party and i'll try to take some pictures.

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