Thursday, October 23, 2008

On the bus...

On the bus...

1. Someone is blocking the exit door. I really wanted to push her so that she will get off not on time.
2. Hajuma (married woman) got on the bus and asked the driver if the bus is going to ---- (her destination). People who were getting on the bus were stuck at the back because they had to wait for her.
3. I was getting on the bus and hajuma pushed me because she wanted to get on the bus first.
4. I was reading a book and hajuma hit me with her bag without her intention.
5. I offered my seat to halmoni (old woman "grandma"). She said it's okay but she was sitting down at the same time.
6. A teenager was listening to a very loud music of her MP3. I'm just worried of her eardrums. I hope they won't explode! Her earphones are useless because everyone could hear the sound of her music.
7. A kind bus driver waited for haraboji (old man "grandpa") to take his sit before he drives. This is great but if you're in a hurry, how would you feel?
8. Students are noisy and seems like they bought the bus so I always avoid the rush hour.
9. The bus driver doesn't care if you got off the bus or not so I must go out as quick as I can. So, I always have to stand up and tried to go out first.

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eunice said...

LOL! I hate to take a public bus. I prefer to take the train (metro).