Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flower street

I'm planning to give more attention here on my blog. I'll try to post more often and do the bloghopping everytime I use my computer. I'm supposed to sleep early because there are visitors coming here this whole weekend. I still don't know what to prepare for them. I had to go to the market but my laziness strike me again. I also need to get up early tomorrow but look~ it's already 2:40 a.m. and i'm still here in front of the computer. I can't hear hubby, so maybe he's now sleeping on the sofa.

I feel so guilty now because I agreed to remove the wall in front of my apartment. They are making a flower street and if we agree, they will remove the wall and change it into a gate. I thought gate is better but I realized that people on the first floor will be disturbed by the noise and they will also feel uncomfortable if people pass by. I live on the highest floor so I won't be bothered by the noise and people passing by but I feel so sorry for the people who live on the first floor. Because I saw many people signed and agreed for the gate, so I also did. But after hubby explained to me, I realized that I was wrong. And now, it bothers me a lot and I don't think that I can sleep tonight.

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