Sunday, March 21, 2010

Yellow Dust in Korea

When spring comes, it always reminds us to be careful with the yellow dust (particulate sand) coming from China. It has been in the news since last week and this afternoon, I looked outside when I woke up. I woke up in the afternoon and I thought it was still morning because it was dark. I couldn't trust the clock so I checked the time on my cellphone. The clock isn't broken. It's really afternoon and it's dark because of the Yellow dust or Hwangsa in Korean. It's already here in Korea and it's terrible. Just imagine the dirt flying all over the air. It's not rain or snow falling but dust. It's not only dirty but also dangerous. It has bad side effects to our health like allergy, lungs problem, etc. I didn't go out all day today. I was supposed to get some groceries but I'm afraid to go out. I don't like wearing mask so i'd rather stay home and forget about the groceries. Luckily, we still have something to eat in the refrigerator and I think it would be enough for the whole week.

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SK said...

I will visit Korea someday :)