Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Buy everything you want

I've been longing for a laptop but until now I don't have one. My hubby said I don't need it because we have computer at home and I can also use the computers in the office. I agree but isn't it better if you have your own computer? A computer which you can carry anytime and everywhere you go? Specially me who likes traveling. I want to upload and share immediately what I've seen and experienced about my travel. But it's hard to do it when you don't have a computer to use so you have to wait until you arrive home. What if you are out of the country and need to stay there for more than a week or sometimes a month like what we did before? I was so happy on my trip but it wasn't complete without a computer.

We are planning for our next trip and I can't leave without a laptop so I'm checking these cheap laptops. It's really cheap so now I don't only want a new laptop but also new Ipod touch and Wii Games. Anyway, it's really cheap so you can save a whole load of money so you can buy everything you want.

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