Tuesday, March 16, 2010

The Flag of my Country

It was holiday here on the first day of this month because of Independence Movement. If you go out on this day, you'll see lots of flags hanging on the trees in the street. You can also see many flags hanging on the windows of some houses and buildings. Is it a sign how we love our country?

When I was young, I didn't give much attention about the impotance of flags. It was just a routine for me to sing a National Anthem every morning in school while raising the flag. I didn't know the meaning why we did that. But after marrying a foreigner and changed my citizenship, I realized how important my country is and the flag is the symbol of it. I also love my new country and it also touches my feeling when I see the Korean flag raising like when Korean teams win the events or sports games.

On Independence Day, I also want to put a flag in front of my apartment building to show that I also care for my new country, Korea. Specially now that I know where to get one. American flag is one of the largest manufacturers of flags not only American flags but also world flags, international flags and state flags. Flagpoles and accessories are also available so name it and American flag will ship everything you need.

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