Thursday, March 18, 2010

How come?

We received a notice in the mailbox telling that we didn't pay our cable bill on our former apartment. We've been living here in our flat for more than three years now so that means we didn't pay that bill three years ago. That's impossible! If we didn't pay it, why just now that we are receiving this bill? And cable bill is just around $5 but the bill that we received yesterday is almost $50. How come?

My hubby called the telephone number and told everything about it. He complained and said that they were deceivers. Here in Korea, there aren't many thieves in public places but they are doing it in private. They are trying to deceive people so if you're not smart enough, you'll lose everything. Last time, we also received a phone call telling that we had to pay something that we didn't know what it was about. You think you're safe with thieves because you're in a safe place? Of course not if you're not smart enough. Don't trust everyone!

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