Wednesday, March 24, 2010

My mother in law and the medicines

I met my mother in law last week so she gave me different kinds of vitamins. Three different kinds of vitamins that needed to take 3x a day each. But instead of taking 3x a day, she told me to take once a day each vitamins. Oh my gosh! I'm worried that I would get big if I would do that. My mother in law is always worried of her family's health. Everyone does but there's no one like my mother in law. She likes watching tv or talking to her friends and when they have mentioned something that is good for our health, she would buy it.

My hubby was worried and doesn't want me to take the vitamins because my mother in law bought them outside. I mean not at the drugstores. She was also proud to show us the paper where it written the disease that the medicines can cure. We've seen lots of that kind of people on tv who are selling something and said that it's good for our health and it can even cure cancer but they are just deceivers. They only use immitation products and sold for a very high prices. I hope my mother in law didn't make mistake in buying these vitamins that she gave me.

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