Thursday, March 4, 2010

Promote it with Cellit

Most people have their own cellphones. It's not also unusual to see kids in their very young age to carry cellphones with them. For me, my cellphone is one of the most important thing that I can't live without. I consider it as my bestfriend. I feel that something is missing in my life when I don't carry it. I even put it beside me when I go to bed. It's the first thing that I look at when I get up in the morning. I don't call much but I always use the text messages. I'm happy with it.

Before we opened a business, my hubby didn't like carrying his cellphone specially when he's out. His reason was because I always called him. But since we had a business, he has no choice but to carry it with him. Every calls that he received are very important. If he couldn't answer the calls and didn't know the caller, he called them back and asked the reasons of their calling. Nobody wants to lose any customers. It's hard to start a new business but if you know some of the technics, then there's a possibility that you can have a successful business. I can say that we lose one of the most important thing in our business. The business is working well but I think it will be more successful if we have the Short codes. I mean the five digit phone numbers that can make for the customers to contact us easier. It's really important specially for promotions.

Cellit Mobile Marketing is all that we need if we want a successful businesses and promotions. Instead of paying loads of bucks for promoting your business on radio or tv, why not promote it with your cellphones? Everyone checks cellphones everytime they hear something from it no matter how busy they are. Either it is a text message or a voice call.

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