Sunday, March 28, 2010

Stay on top

I thought before that blogging is just a kind of simple hobby that you have to create a blog when you have nothing to do. That's what I felt before so I opened an account with a free site so I can also have something to do when I'm bored. But it totally changed because I learned that blogging is also sharing and meeting friends on the net. And the simple hobby became a big interest that sometimes ended with a battle because I always want my blog to be on top. Alrhough it's impossible right now but I'm working for it.

I started with a free webhosting but after a long time of blogging, I got interest with a new web hosting because I know it can help me improve and develop my blog. I never thought of this before. Actually, I even laughed others who spent money for their blog when they can have it or do blogging for free. I can blog, I have my own website and that's all. That was the time when I was new in the blogging world. I didn't know much anything about websites. I even didn't care if there's someone reading on my blog but now I always expect readers or visitors to come. I feel like my blog is dead if nobody visits and reads it. It amazed me when I see others get many readers that sometimes force me to do some research on how I can do it for my blog. One thing that I found out is the webhosting. I realized how important it is because through it, you're sure that you're using the right tools and resources to keep you ahead of your competition. Now I got it!

How about you? Didn't you feel the same way on the first time that you enter in the blogging world? What do you do to get more readers and how do you keep your blog to stay on top? Is it also because of the backlinks and webhosting? If so, then I know what to do now.

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