Saturday, May 16, 2009

Teacher's Day

To all teachers who teach Korean students, have you received presents from your students or student's mom? Of course you did because yesterday was a Teacher's Day, another special occasion for this month. First was the Buddha's Birthday, next was Children's Day, then Parent's Day and now it's Teacher's Day. I wish there's also Pet's Day so everyone can enjoy the month of May.

Oooppss, let's go back to Teacher's Day. Teacher's Day is celebrated every 15th of May so before that day, you'll see lots of students busy preparing cards and presents for their teachers. On this day, you can know who the famous teachers are by looking at the presents they received. Most of the presents are fruits, cosmetics, vitamins and the famous gifts of them all are the socks. Every occasion, socks will never leave behind as a gift. They always appear in every occasion. They are the easiest, simplest and useful presents. Everyone wears socks when we go out. In summer, ladies wear stockings. It's strange to see nude feet here in Korea so socks are always used.

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