Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Korean Celebrities

Korea is not only famous with its kimchi but also with drama, good looking singers, fantastic movies and sexy celebrities. And because of that, Korea and Koreans became famous around the world. There are lots of people who are interested and hook with Korean celebrities and I'm one of them. But it's too sad that most Koreans don't speak English well so if we want to know more about our favorite celebrities, then it's hard to get information because most sites are in Korean and hard to understand. And so I want to let you know about this favorite site of mine where I can get information about my favorite Korean celebrities.

Do you wanna know what's going on with Lee Min Ho after his drama Boys over Flowers? Have you heard about the Benz issue? Have you also heard about the new album's comeback show of Jun Jin that has been postponed? Do you wanna know the reason why? Well, you check out here at www.koreancelebrities.net and get updated. There are more interesting issues that you need to know so don't miss anything about your favorite korean celebrities.

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