Monday, January 7, 2008

wash the car

Afer ordering blinds for our windows, we went to a car wash to clean hubby's car.

He said he needs to wash his car because of the snow. It's not because it's dirty but because he thinks snow is not good for cars. He's very careful with his car, he even doesn't want to have even a small scratch on it. We bought it three years ago and his car still looks new.

I always go with him when he washes the car but i never helped him cleaned it. I didn't wanna go out with him today because it was cold eventhough the weather is nice. The snow last time is still melting so it's chilly. He told me to bring my nintendo and just let me stayed inside the car. I didn't notice when he was done because i was busy playing inside. hehehehe...

I'm not that bad, I know he was tired so i invited him to eat jajangmyeon and hwemuldopbap on our way home.

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Thess said...

sister, nintendo ds freak ako! ha ha ha!! may bala ka din ba for wireless internet?