Saturday, January 19, 2008

thanks everyone!

Hey guys! I'm sorry for not posting here for a long time and for not visiting you, either. Just because i couldn't post here, it doesn't mean that i already abandoned this blog of mine. I just had a terrible stomachache after attending a birthday party. I miss you all and i'll visit you soon!

By the way, before i'll start to my new post, i wanna thanks everyone for voting Idealpinkrose and it won the Best Blog Award. I'm really grateful for all the support that you gave me. Thank you guys! Cheers!

Last weekend, we attended a birthday party at a hotel near the mountain.

The view and the food was good but the problem was, i got a terrible stomachache the next day. My hubby thought it was because of this bread that i ate or is it because i ate too much? well, no comment! hehehehe...

See you later guys! I have to sleep first and come back to visit you!


Anonymous said...

aww.. i hope you feel better now

JoiceyTwenty said...

congrats!!! :)