Sunday, January 6, 2008

Damyang namu

It snowed a lot here last week so it's f***ing cold now a days. I like snow but i don't like the freezing weather. I hate being cold all day so i don't like going out in this kind of weather. We just stayed home last weekend so i can't show you any pictures of my travel except the ones that i've taken last time when we go out. Anyway, i have lots of pictures stocked here in my computer and digicam but couldn't have time to post.

I think we can't go out this winter because of the weather so i'm just gonna post the pictures i've taken last time but haven't posted here, yet.

I've mentioned before that we went back to Damyang which is famous for its Daenamu to see this one of the wonderful places there. Compare the trees last summer. I wish i could visit there in winter, too!

I'm sure the picture is familiar to some of you because i posted the same place but different picture when i joined the photohunt for the light theme.


Anonymous said...

naku, buti na lang walan snow dito sa Texas! hehehe, konting lamig nga lang nagkakasakit na ako, un pa kayang may snow na... bbbrrrrr....

nic picture sis. :)

Moms Life Blog said...

sis, i like the picture:) I must be here and do posing while u taking pic LOL haha! u take care:)

Juliana said...

I always want to visit korea. I believe someday ;) i thought i saw this picture somewhere...hmmm??? oh, when i saw one of drama korea i think hehehe... i forget the title, "trees in heaven" or something.