Monday, January 28, 2008

driving in the farm

Yesterday, we got up at noon and decided to have lunch out. We had gukbap at the restaurant. And because the weather was nice and had nothing to do so we decided to go for a drive. We just went out and drove but didn't know where to go. We passed the roads which are not familiar to us. Just for fun! So, our car took us here in the field.

It was nice to see the farm but it was scary too because there weren't many people passing. Besides the road is too narrow and we were worried when we were supposed to meet the truck in that one-way road. Thanks to that kind man who waited and let us passed first. Hubby told me to bow down and say thank you after counting to three and we did it together and the old man smiled.

After few kilometers of driving in the field, we finally saw a sign going to a Pavillion so we decided to go there. It was just few kilometers drive from that field.

I'm gonna tell you about this pavillion on my next post.

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