Thursday, April 26, 2012

Vacation in Morocco

For travelers like us, spending a lot of money is just normal. My hubby said he doesn't care and doesn't feel burden when he buys ticket, spend money for accommodations and food. He said he doesn't think it's a waste of money when he spend thousands of bucks for our flight or vacation to another country. We've been to many places around the World and I can say that you can't have a vacation in another country if you don't have enough money to spend specially in some part of America and Australia. While we were on plane on our way home, my hubby asked where I wanted to go again. I can't say anything because I still don't have in mind on where to go. But after seeing this Luxury Hotel Marrakech, I suddenly thought that Morocco is also a best place to visit. The hotels looks luxurious that I really wanted to stay even in just a day. The hotels look relaxing and luxurious. I think I will feel like a princess if I stay there. Don't you want to experience on how to live like a princess? The interior of the rooms are so elegant. They look perfect if you're finding a relaxing, comfortable and elegance rooms.

I have stayed in many hotels and guesthouses in some countries but the rooms of Riads in Marrakech are fantastic. You feel that you are staying in a paradise. You can also have a magical experience in the spa or eat luxurious food in the restaurant.

For our next vacation, I wish I can go to Morocco and stay in Luxury Riads Marrakech. I can't wait for our next vacation. I think this vacation is so different from my other vacations. Just looking the pictures of Luxury Riads makes me feel so excited.

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