Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Time for Fishing

We love traveling and doing some adventures in Korea and other part of the World. We have traveled in some part of Asia and Australia and now we are traveling here in Canada. But now we are tired or traveling so my hubby wants to do something new. Before, we liked to go camping so we bought a tent, sleeping bags, chairs, utensils, and all stuffs that we need for camping. It was good at first. We were always excited when we go out for camping but not now. My hubby thought about of doing something new so I suggested him to play golf. He said, he doesn't want to play golf because it's doesn't look fun and it's just expensive. Then I suggested him to go fishing and he said it was a great idea. Actually, we've been thinking of going fishing before we bought the tent.

If we go fishing, of course we need fishing rods and I think these sage rods are cool. I've never seen as cute as the sage rods before. Besides it's extremely light so I think it's the best rod for me.

And what do you think of these hardy rods? I think they look good and they are also perfect for my hubby. I'm so excited to go home so I can go fishing with my hubby. We can go camping and fishing at the same time. Wow~ it's another adventure! It sounds so much fun! Besides, through fishing, you can relax, enjoy and save much because you can eat the fish that you caught. And that's the best thing, I think!

Well, I have to let my hubby know about the fishing rods. He has to choose with the hardy rods or winston rods. Both are the best. It's hard to choose so I'll just let my hubby choose the one that he likes.

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