Thursday, April 19, 2012

Lodge in Jeju Island

We stayed in Jeju Island for almost a year. We were looking for a place to live in so my hubby dialed the numbers that he saw on the net. We were about to rent an apartment but he said we have to see one more accommodation because he already made an appointment to the owner. He said it is a lodge and it's near the beach. We like the apartment but we didn't make a contract yet but we told the owner that we would come back on that same day.

The lodge owner kept calling us so we decided to meet him at the famous beach in Jeju Island. From the beach it was just two minutes away drive to the lodge. The lodge gave us a good first impression. It looks like we are in another country. We checked out inside and we made a deal and signed a contract for a year. So here's our lodge in Jeju Island for almost a year.

The living room. The TV and make-up cabinet where I also use the computer.

It is the secret attic. Just pull down the string and it will open.

The ladder will come out if you pull down the string.

The kitchen.

The kitchen when the string is pull down. That's the ladder to the attic.

The bathroom.

The bedroom.

The dining room.

The room upstairs. I mean in the attic.

There's a small bed.

The attic window. It's too cute. It's so nice to stay and sit at the window looking at the nice view.

The entrance door.

And the porch where we always have barbecue specially when we have visitors. The porch has the beach view.

We were about to stay here for a year. We paid our one year monthly rent but after 10 months we decided to leave. There was nothing to do anymore because we saw almost everything in Jeju Island. Anyway, the owner was too kind to us and he gave back the two months payment. He was too kind from the beginning until we left.

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