Sunday, September 26, 2010

I wish

My hubby was watching tv and I told him to change the channel because my favorite drama was on. But he said he wanted to watch the news about the famous comedian here in Korea. We waited and saw that the Mr. Shin, one of the most famous comedian went to another country to gamble. Haven't he heard about the flash casinos? Many people saw him and told to the media. They wanted to find out if the gossip was true so they flew to that country and took some more information. They didn't see him gambling but many people said that they saw him at the casino. I don't know if it's true but my hubby said that he lost his job as an entertainer. He said we can't see him on tv anymore. That's too bad! I like him because he's fun.

Why did he have to go in that country to gamble? Did he think that it was safe because he wasn't in his own country? He can just play Free casinos online. It's much safer because nobody can notice him. He can enjoy free slots. Too bad because it's too late to know about it. I wish he knew it earlier.

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