Monday, December 24, 2007

Weekend Snapshot

We went for a drive last week. There was a heavy traffic on our way home so we looked for a different way. The view was nice but after driving for a long time, we finally found out that the road we tried turned out to be a dead end.

Everybody loves weekend, it is the time for leisure, recreation and other religious activities. And when everyone is having a grand time, you want to capture it and share it with others. That’s why Weekend Snapshot is here for you.

--ws author

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Joyismygoal said...

huge tree and it looks warm there I am cold

Jan said...

not bad for a dead end road!

Carver said...

That's a lovely shot. Sometimes a dead end is a nice place to rest.

Liz said...

Beautiful shot. Happy holidays.

Anonymous said...

If it's not for the dead end, you wouldn't have an entry today.. lol. Merry Christmas ;)

Anonymous said...

nice experience on the dead end!

merry christmas!

Thess said...

that has happened to us in Austria..dead end and no sign of life in sight..ngiiii!

but you got a beautiful shot of that tree sister!


Thess (

@~eStHeR~@ said...

why Singapore dun have nice shot like other winter countries? Sighz. I've been China during Winter time, so cold yet nice scenery.

Singapore always hot weather. *Sweat*

Happy Merry Xmas in advance. (^_^)v

Anonymous said...

Oh, at least you got to enjoy a nice sight.

I wish you a joyous Christmas. :)

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Anonymous said...

dead end na pla yan?... it looks like nasa paligid-ligid lng..hihihi buti naman at naka uwi kau ng maayus...hihihi

thnx for droping sis! and thnx for the greetings!

hehehe... kaya ka napapadalas sa blog ko kc love mo ako! hihihi

labs din kita sis!

happy holidays...papa-ampon ako sau ngaung celebration d2 e, ny tto is muslim..hihihi

havea great xmas and new yr!

SandyCarlson said...

How peaceful. What a great alternative to traffic.

Natalie said...

That's a lovely shot!

Come check out my Weekend Snapshot if you get a chance! :)

Napaboaniya.Elaine Ling said...

Nice picture u've got there!
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Gellianne said...

Hi!A long drive indeed!
Anyways, the view was a breath of fresh air!

denz said...

wow! nice picture, keep it up!

here is mine:
Happy Weekend and Merry Christmas TC :)

HartofDixie said...

Looks like a great place to relax hehe..
I'll check the tag now.

eastcoastlife said...

South Korea is beautiful but the winter's too cold for me. Merry Christmas!

Lynn said...

I like the shot of the tree and its relation to a dead end road. :) Happy holidays!

Sharon said...

Beautiful shot! I love the tree.
Merry Christmas!

Anonymous said...

hi sis! I'm in Pinas now kaya nakapasok ako sa site mo :)namiss ko dito.
Nice dead end snaps,'buti na lang hehe :)

**"Liza"** said...

lovely shot here!. Happy holiday to you and your family..;0
Liza Pepper

dangkin said...

dead end??! waaa... glad you still found the way home :-)

btw, just joined WS :-)

Merry Christmas!