Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Wordless Wednesday

This picture was taken in downtown where they are constructing a new building. I told hubby that i saw two people kissing in the street and took a picture of them. Here they are.

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**"Liza"** said...

yep I agree with you looks like tow people kissing indeed..;)
Happy WW!

HartofDixie said...

That's an interesting photo girl!
Thanks for sharing.

KW said...

It does look like two people kissing! Thanks for sharing.

Unknown said...

Come see the most embarrassing moment of my life, over at my Wordless Wednesday! I like your Wordless Wednesday post! Hope you had a great Holiday!


Allison said...

I could look like 2 people kissing, but it also looks to me like 2 people kind of snuggling, where the lady (the one on the right) is resting her head on the back of the neck of the guy (the one on the left). But then, that's a pose I might do, coming up behind my hubby and hugging him and putting my head on his shoulder like that, so maybe that's why I read that into it :-)

Here's my WW:

Anonymous said...

Kissing nga sis, inggit ka noh!? hehehe.