Sunday, December 30, 2007

Gochujang Village

I have mentioned here before that we went back to Sunchang Gochujang Village to buy some Deodeog and Mu u. This time we also bought gim.

As we enter the village, we see this board. That is harabuji (grandpa) running. The sign says "over 100 years old" which means the food in Sunchang is nutritious.

Sunchang called Gochujang Village because they make and sell Gochujang (red pepper paste) and different kinds of food seasoned with gochujang. Here's what we see outside the houses or stores.

It looks like this. And here's the Sunchang Gochujang that i buy in the market.

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Anonymous said...

howdy... looks mouthwatering, huh. i just love chilies. they go perfectly with everything. yum yum