Tuesday, November 20, 2007

trusted plastic surgeons

Have you heard the news about Donda West? Kanye's mom who died last Saturday? According to the autopsy, she died because of cosmetic surgery.

I hope that Koreans will know about this news. As you know, Korea's greatest natural resource is good looking young women. So during graduation day even to the 6th grade students, parents special presents to their children is plastic surgery. Most of them want to get an eyelid surgery. Most koreans have no eyelids and they think having eyelids make them look prettier.

It's normal for koreans to get surgeries for nose, boobs, face but most of all the eyelids and legs. Some college students get part time job so that they can earn money to use for surgery. They are not afraid of operations. Some of them got an operation for two or three times just because there was trouble in their first time of getting surgery. I can say this because i saw this kind of program on tv for many times.

Getting a surgery is not just going to the doctor and get an operation. It is important to know the good background of the surgeon. His/Her education and experiences. We need doctors that can be trusted on. If you want to have peace of mind in getting a surgery, find the trusted plastic surgeons here.

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