Friday, November 16, 2007

7 truths about me

I've been tagged by rose. She wants to know the---

7 truths about me. So, here you go, my sis!

1. I have a smart and cute dog.

2. Me and hubby both fell in love at first sight.

3. I hate English so bear with me. hehehe...

4. I love jeans and bags.

5. I can't go out without putting on make-up.

6. I hate waiting so i'm always late in an appointment.

7. I love trying any kind of food eventhough it looks strange and smells disgusting like bondaegi.

Now, it's your turn *Marie*, *Thet*, *Irel*, *Sarah* and *Joshia*.


Marie said...

sis, salamat sa tag pero i did this already sis a couple of weeks ago...I hope ok lang sayo kung e-add ko nalang name mo doon...give me a hola... good day and salamat sa pagbisita!

crazed_heck said...

hi how are you? its been a while...