Thursday, November 15, 2007

bus info

When hubby and I went to the restaurant to have donkas (pork cutlet), i had my camera with me so while we were walking on the way to restaurant, i took a picture of this bus stop.

Buses in Korea never stop in any places. There are locations where you can get on and off the bus. If you're house is far from the bus stop, then you should walk far to the bus stop or you'd better take a taxi if you're in a hurry.

You don't have to say to the driver where you are going. As long as you know where your bus stop name is, then you can reach your place by pressing the button. There is also a machine inside the bus use for the fare. You can use either cash or transportation card. It's more convenient to use transportation card, besides you don't have to pay again when you transfer to another bus if you use the card.

You can see the routes of the bus at the bus stops. As long as you know your bus stop name, you can't miss the place. By the way, buses are recognized with numbers and colors. If you take the bus, just remember the number of it.

Now, there are also this information of the bus that tells where the bus is and how long you should have to wait for the bus. You can also watch tv (although i only saw some advertisement), so you won't get bored while waiting.

On the left are numbers (names) of the buses, the second row (from the left) tells the minute when it arrives, third tells where the bus is and fourth is the station of the bus. The one that is in yellow means that the bus will arrive soon.

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