Thursday, November 8, 2007


I've been to a nursing home several times and i saw how pitiful the grannies are specially when we leave. What i've noticed about them is everyone needs attention and someone to talk to. There was a grandma that i had a talk with who was very proud of her son who is now living in the States.

I know that there are many people not only those living in the orphanage or nursing home who feel sad and lonely but have no one to talk to. There are times that we want to share something but afraid to talk about it with our family or friends. In this case, bettercaring forum will help you talk to the other users or you can even send letter to them. Some of the discussions are fiances, homes and housing, and health and living.

You can also read some daily care news and and receive some care tips from experts. I'm so grateful to know about this site. Check it out and share to others who need an extra care.

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