Thursday, September 18, 2014

My Overloaded Cabinet

I need to reduce my clothes in my cabinet so I took out the clothes that I don't wear anymore. I don't like throwing away things specially my clothes but I realized that my cabinet is already full. I felt bad and I want to keep them but I have to think positively, that there are people out there who need my clothes than I do.

I can't wear the clothes that my hubby doesn't like so I always go shopping with him. But sometimes, my in-laws buy clothes for me and my hubby doesn't allow me to wear when he doesn't like them. I didn't know that I have these much clothes that I don't wear, anymore. I thought it's not these much.

Here are the clothes that needed to be thrown out. Some of them are new and haven't worn, yet.

A big plastic and a big box of clothes to be thrown out. I hope they go to good hands. I hope they go to the needy and not to the factory. I just don't have any idea if the orphanage could accept the clothes so I just put them to the clothes box of my apartment building.

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