Thursday, September 11, 2014

Back Home from Our Travel Around the World

We are back home from our travel around the world for almost six months. See my travel around the world blog here. Actually, we didn't know when we come back home. We bought tickets to Hongkong for a month. If we could just buy a one-way ticket, but tourists must buy round-trip tickets so we gave up our ticket back home.

We started our travel from Hongkong-->China-->Laos-->Vietnam-->Thailand-->Philippines and now we are back to Korea. We decided to come home and take a rest for a while before we continue our trip to another country. Six countries for almost six months is fun but sometimes tiring and dangerous. It's fun to travel and after several months living out of the country, it's also fun to be back home. We are so happy to have Korean food. There are lots of food to eat here. Also, we can order some food until late at night. There's nothing to worry about food. So many side dishes and delicious food to choose from. Unlike in some other countries like China and Laos, we didn't know what to eat. In Vietnam, we only had noodles almost everyday. It's true that there's no place like home. Home sweet home! But after a few days, we miss traveling again that's why we decided to buy plane tickets as soon as we arrived home.

I can't wait for our next travel. We are flying again so soon. ^-^

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