Thursday, September 11, 2014

Celebrated Korean Chuseok

A few days ago, we celebrated Korean Thanksgiving Day which is called Chuseok in Korean. It was last Tuesday but before and after the celebration are also holidays. Chuseok always have a 3-day vacation. Before, during, and after! I think they consider the people who go to their hometown because it's the time for the family to get-together. We usually go to my in-law's house on Chuseok but this year, it's opposite. My in-laws came to our house.

Although we had visitors, I didn't get tired preparing food or anything. My mother in law prepared everything. I just helped her a little and she did most of the cooking. She prepared a lot that it's hard to put everything in our huge refrigerator. There's also a kimchi-refrigerator but it's also full. Some soup and side dishes were rotten so lots of foods were thrown-out. It's my mother in law's style. She always makes too much!

My mother in law was too excited to prepare a lot of food but when our visitors (my brother and sister-in-laws with their family) came, they didn't want to eat anything. They just wanted to have chicken and beer that's why until now we are eating the main dishes and side dishes that she prepared. They didn't want to have meal when they came. Beer and alcohol with finger foods like chicken are the best during the occasion in Korea. We had meal together once but that wasn't enough to eat everything. Actually, they wanted to go out to have meal because my brother in law wanted to treat everyone at the good restaurant but my mother-in-law rejected it because she prepared a lot. She said why did we have go out when there's a lot of food to eat? So my hubby told her not to prepare too much next time.

Our friends also visited us but they only had fruits. We were insisting them to have lunch because we had lots of food but they said they have just had lunch. After having fruits and chatting, we decided to go to coffee shop and have patbingsu (Korean sherbet).

Well, my in-laws left last Tuesday and my hubby said that it's really good to be home with me alone. It's relaxing and he could taste the food well without the kids (nephew and niece).

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